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Magazine interview

on May 31, 2017

Someone wrote about my career recently and made me sound like a knitting super star.

This article came out in Let’s Knit magazine published in the UK.

The Queen of Cute! I have never been called a queen of anything. I am very flattered.

I did a one page short interview article with them some time ago. It was before any of my books came out and was my very first interview. I sent a copy to my mum. I still have the issue myself.

I supplied most photos. My book publisher, Search Press kindly offered some images as well, like this puppies photo. This project is included in A-5 size mini book, 20 to make tiny toys. It is one of my favorites. I am pleased that it is included in the article.

I submitted this photo. It is one of my knitted amusement park project, airplane ride.

My knitted carousel was in the same page, and apparently, these attracted many interests. I would love to publish these patterns some day. Knitting part is not too complicated, however, the assembling requires good explanations, possibly with step-by-step photos.

Also, the airplane project needs a little bit more work. Each airplane is hanging on the edge of a skewer and they don’t always stay like this. Here I confess, some of the airplanes turn upside down when I let my hands go and I had a bit of trouble taking photos. I have to sort something out to fix this. May be I should tie a string to the top side of the airplanes to keep them right side up.

The characters are rather sweet and I do like this project.

I have a baby,

a giraffe,

a penguin,

and a little bear.

The article comes with the aardvark knitting pattern. It was another unique request from the publisher. I didn’t even know what aardvark was until I got this commission.

He is wearing a multi-coloured jumper, but it is knitted with a sock yarn and you don’t need to knit in fairisle. The jumper has a button in the back and is removable.

I hope many will enjoy him.

2 responses to “Magazine interview

  1. jujus says:

    Oh how I love your amusement park,so detailed and so gorgeous xx

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