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My knitted Alice(s)

on May 11, 2017

I received this copy from the editor last week. It is Knit Now magazine with my Alice knitting kit.

It was a lot of fun designing this project. From this kit, you get five different coloured yarn to make these three characters. Isn’t it clever?

Yarn is 100% acrylic but is nice, soft and easy to knit. This one is my favorite kit yarn. It doesn’t have unattractive gleam that synthetics often has and looks more organic. It gives you good yardage which makes my job a little easier. I kept the pattern simple. I hope many will enjoy it.

Talking of Alice, I made another Alice set recently, The Wonderland finger puppets.

I absolutely love working on a project with many characters like this. It takes time, but it is rewarding when you finish. It is fairly easy once you make the basic prototype. I start with the main character to make sure the project works.

So, I made Alice and the very important companion, rabbit.

I thought about making them all the same size, but I decided to make animals smaller to enjoy variations. They turned out cute that way.

And Diddle Dee and Diddle Dum. They are supposed to be chubby and short, but I didn’t want to make them too ugly.

The difficult bit was Queen of Hearts. I wasn’t too sure how to express the ‘heart’ bit. I tried with her hair and I think it worked OK.

I wanted to make 10 puppets for each finger, so I added the King of Hearts and the cat. I also made playing cards. I am quite pleased with how they turned out.

And here is the full cast.

This set will be great for children’s story time, but with or without small people, they are still very much enjoyable.

4 responses to “My knitted Alice(s)

  1. Julie Henn says:

    There is just no end to your creativity and magic!

  2. Marina says:

    When will you be selling these? Don’t find it at your shop! Or do you need a test knitter….😏

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