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Mini Knitted Farmyard

on July 17, 2017

My Facebook says I made these four years ago. It has come a long way.

The last week in June, I had a three-day photo session for my next book, ‘Mini Knitted Farmyard’.
I did Safari and Woodland book previously. This one will be a nice addition to the series and I was really looking forward to work on this book. It will include many fun projects; cottages, family car, farmers, shepherds and of course, lots of farm animals. I made tiny vegetables and a cart for my green grocer. It is a bit like playing with a dollhouse.

Actually, I used a lot of dollhouse accessories for photo props. I have a small collection for my dollhouse and I also placed a new order to go with my farmyard. I could not see the sizes of items online so that I just had to take a wild guess.

My farmyard props arrived!

Fortunately, their sizes are perfect for my figures.

Not everything in my farmyard is in perfect proportion to each other anyway. My cottages are too small for farmers and most birds are too big, but I had decided not to worry about sizes too much from the beginning. I think it is fine if the creatures look cute together.

We had very busy days at the studio. I guess I got too excited and had made too many items. There were so many photos to shoot and we even had to drop some of the projects because they would not fit into the book. We even extended from original 96 pages to 102 pages, but still, we ran out of spreads!I am grateful to my editor, May at Search Press. She ever so patiently listened to my requests and is doing all she can to squeeze as many projects as possible. This book will have amazing value for money!

Search Press art team was fantastic as usual. We shot great photos and what a fun we had!

We try hard to get the best effect;

Our art director, Juan and his assistant Emma. I think they enjoyed playing with my creatures.

Each photo tells a story and you will be very much entertained. If my boys were 10 years younger, I would enjoy the book at their bedtime.
Sneak peek;

We still have a lot to do, but the book should be ready early next year.

I wish I could show this book to my mum. She passed away early morning, on the second day of this photo session. She was supportive and always happy to see my new books come out. She would like this farmyard, too.

7 responses to “Mini Knitted Farmyard

  1. jujus says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I think I will have to hibernate till the book comes out as I can’t wait. Love all your brilliant work. Love jujus xx

  2. notewords says:

    Absolutely charming!
    So sorry to hear about your mother.

  3. Erika says:

    Oh wow! What a preview! Hopefully it will come out soon. Do you know when? Maybe I overlooked! I have all your books of the ‘Mini knitted….’ serie. I also bought your “Mini felt Christmas!’ It’s só fantastic!
    Maybe the next time ‘Mini knitted shops’? Hahah, I see the craftshop, supermarket, bicycle repair shop, grocery etc.
    Best wishes with everything,

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you so much for purchasing my books! We are at the last stage of editing the Farmyard book and it should come out at the beginning of next year.
      It is looking very nice. And thank you for sharing your idea. It sounds like a fun project!

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