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8 responses to “Patterns

  1. marilyn hayes says:

    Such beautiful pieces…

  2. Tina Cameron says:

    I want a knitted pattern for a dinosaur that is fast and easy to do

  3. Toni B says:

    Your patterns are beautiful, I am however having a few problems with the top of Mr Tickle’s head in the ‘knit now’ booklet/diary. Rows 30-35 (I have 46 stitches on my needle) instructions jump from Mr Tickle, to Mr Bump, straight to Mr Happy and they don’t flow, it starts from 40 stitches on the needle. I do hope you can help as I need to finish for my grandsons birthday next week. Thank you 🙂

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Oh, I think there is a miss print.
      It should be
      Rows 30-36: work rows 28-34 of Mr. Bump.
      row28 of Mr. Bump is a dec row which will leave you with 40 sts.

      I hope this will help. Let me know how you get on.


  4. Toni B says:

    Such a simple correction, all sorted now, thank you so much. My daughter painted a floor to ceiling Mr Men scene in my grandsons bedroom, even across the window blind, can wait to add this next week to sit on his bed, I think my daughter will love it as much as her son Coby, he’ll be 3 and I’m ashamed to say it’s the first thing I’ve knitted for him, I’m thinking he will have the whole collection before too long 🙂 thanks again.

    • knitsbysachi says:

      I am glad that it worked. Thank you very much for letting me know the problem. I have reported to the magazine editor as well.Good luck with the project and please feel free to contact me if you need more help.

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