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Toy maker of the year

on August 8, 2017

The UK knitting magazine, Let’s Get Crafting is running a competition again this year. Click the image to find out details.

As the web page says, you can knit or crochet any toy you like. It can be your own design, a pattern from a book or a magazine. It can be any shape or size and can be used with materials of your choice.

I am not at all competitive, but I like entering competitions. By participating, you get more opportunities to show your work. Even if you didn’t win anything, organizers and judges would certainly see your work and that is already worth trying. Entering became ever so easy these days thanks to email development; filling a form, attach photos and with just one click, you are in! It doesn’t cost you a penny, either.

I would be participating this LGC project if I wasn’t a judge!

Recently, I submitted one of my work to a Japanese hand craft competition. There were several categories; knitting, sewing, felting, jewelry making, and embroidery.

What I submitted is this one: A knitted Christmas wreath.

There was a theme; they wanted something flowery and cheerful. There was a restriction on the size. It must be smaller than 20cm.

I got through the first judging and my work will be displayed in a gallery in Tokyo this summer!

The show will be held at Ginza Seigetsudo Gallery between 29th August to 3rd September.

I am telling all my friends and family in Tokyo.

I have a series of knitted wreath. This one is for summer and is one of my favorites.

I showed this photo to the organizer as well, but they preferred the Christmas one. The summer in Japan may be way too hot to appreciate a wooly decoration.

I am currently considering to enter two other competitions, one is in the UK and the other is in Japan. It motivates me to create. I still have many things I want to make.

If you knit or crochet and live in the UK, please enter the LGC Toy maker of the year competition. The winner gets to publish the pattern in December issue if it is original. This may become the start of your new career. You may find it a little daunting to write a pattern if you have never done this before, but the magazine has a professional technical editor who will be able to help you.

It is utterly fantastic to get your work published in print. I still treasure mine.

My first magazine job:

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