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Knitting in summer

on August 6, 2016

You don’t fancy knitting in summer? You can try nautical knits.

This is a key holder to hang on a wall. I made something a bit useful for a change.

I made this set for Knit Now magazine a few issues back; Summer knits.

You may not get woolly thoughts much in summer, but making these nautical toys may be nice.

I love nautical theme. Maybe it is because I grew up near a beach. I also like the colour combination of red, white and blue. In summer, I make quite a lot of beachy, summery things.

After the magazine article came out, I knitted more items for this summer knits set.


This time, I added softer colours as pink and mint green. Using felted tweed yarn for some items worked well. I have also tried anchor and steering wheel of a ship. I thought they may be a little challenging to make but I think I did rather well. The set became much more lively.


I have seen images of pretty crocheted shells and wanted to make some with knitting. The knitting part is not too complicated. I just knitted long skinny triangle pieces. However, I found it a little tricky to find their perfect length and making up into an attractive shape.


I also made a bag to keep the items together.
I tried to knit a mesh bag, but I found it rather difficult. Then, I remembered my boys crocheted football bags in Waldorf elementary school (yes, they learned crochet and made fantastic stuff!) and I decided to try crochet.

I could not find a pattern so I made it up. My crochet skill is so basic and I won’t be able to make exactly the same one again since I am not too sure if I recorded the stitches and rounds correctly.


I am quite pleased with the result. It was worth a try.

I was never been a great fan of cotton yarn, well, until now. I mainly knit toys and for toys, I prefer wool. You can knit firmly and the finish is neat. It isn’t easy to knit tight with cotton.

For this mesh bag, I used cotton yarn and I loved it. I liked the texture and how it felt on my hands. The bag is summery, light and very soft. I really enjoyed the project.

Maybe I should make a bigger one for my shopping. I think there are some patterns for mesh shopping bags online.


Sea turtle babies; my favorite animal.

5 responses to “Knitting in summer

  1. julie kendall says:

    Oh looking at these little beauties has put a huge smile on my face, such wonderful work as always. I think I will make a few of these with some buckets and spades to collect the tiny shells and fish in them xxx

  2. smw166 says:

    I stumbled across these while looking for doll making inspiration. Your knitting is so creative and fun, love it.

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you so much! You make dolls? I started knitting because my dolls needed jumpers. I couldn’t knit a stitch until then.

      • smw166 says:

        I do make dolls, it’s a bit of a passion now. I re learnt knitting to make them jumpers, bonnets and socks. Some are vintage patterns some from Ravelry. I sometimes adapt baby patterns so they fit my smaller ‘people’. Enjoy your knitting. Susie x

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