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Japanese summer treat

on July 24, 2016

I have just received the next issue of Let’s Get Crafting, Knitting and Crochet magazine.

My cat is on the cover! How exciting!

The cover mount kit has a collection of warm colours this time. The cat’s body is knitted with the orange and yellow gradation yarn. If you knit stocking stitches following the pattern, you will get this colour effect naturally.

I found this yarn surprisingly soft. It is 100% acrylic but it feels almost as nice as wool. Maybe because it is not plied. It also gives you much more yardage than other yarn in the kit. I am quite pleased with how the project came out.

The cat is accompanied by two friends mice.


The colours make me think of the recent hot weather we experienced in the UK. On Tuesday, the temperature reached to 32 degrees in the South. I am sure lots of ice creams and lollies are consumed on that day.

As a child, my favorite was “Kakigouri”, a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener.

It looks like this.
images (32)

Popular flavors include strawberry, lemon, green tea, grape and melon. Some shops provide colorful varieties by using two or more different syrups. You can also make it very easily if you have the machine. Syrups are available from supermarkets if you live in Japan.

download (1)

The machine is usually hand operated and nothing is at all complicated. You freeze water in the cup provided and shave the ice. The machine spins a block of ice over an ice shaving blade.

What I loved the most about Kakigouri is we could have a lot of fun together as a family. We would gather around the kitchen table and my dad would shave the ice as rest of us anxiously watch our favorite treat made. In 70’s,families spent much more time together.

It is similar to a snow cone but has a much smoother fluffier ice consistency, much like fresh fallen snow. I don’t think you can make this with food processor which is a bit of a shame.

A few years ago in London, I let my boys have their very first kakigouri experience. They had it with green tea syrup and sweetened adzuki beans. They absolutely loved it. You can get it virtually everywhere in Japan. I wish we could do the same here.

Or maybe I should import the machine.


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