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Orange Page

on July 9, 2016

I have been subscribing a Japanese lifestyle magazine “Orange Page” since I came to England. It has been over 10 years now, and I still look forward to receiving each copy.


It comes out biweekly. It has lots of home cooking recipes as well as tips and information on a variety of things such as health, craft and needlework. I honestly do not know how the publisher manages releasing issues so often with so many pages. And it only costs 350 yen per issue which is under £3 pounds! (in today’s awfully weak sterling rate)

If you read Japanese, you can subscribe magazine from this site.

Just a few days ago, I received another issue, and this one had a curry recipe collection.
As I mentioned in the past, we love our curry. It may be a little different from the original Indian curry, but we often cook it at home.

The magazine was featuring T-shirts with curry logos. Funny.


I saw many interesting cooking ideas in the magazine, and some are very new to me. For example, there are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make chapatis. After my son came back from World challenge in Africa, he said he really loved chapatis over there. Maybe we should have a go at making some at home.

My mum used to make this dish with curry spices and she would call it “dry curry”. I think “dry curry” is the curry without much liquid, which resembles to Keema curry. But my mum would stir fry cooked rice with spices,the same method as egg fried rice.

I cook it at home and it is one of my boys’ favorite.


It is so easy and quick. It is a good way to consume leftover rice, too.

Recipe for one
a bowl of cooked rice (as much as you want to eat)
1/4 onion, minced
small amounts of chopped pimento, carrot, green beans or any vegetable of your choice
minced beef (or any meat)
1 tsp curry powder
1 tbsp pureed tomato
1 tsp Worcester sauce
salt and pepper

I cooked it for boys’ lunch so that the portions is bigger.

Stir fry vegetables and meat with seasonings. Add cooked rice and mix well. Season with salt and pepper.



That is about it. I can’t think of any further instructions.

I think my boy can manage that when he starts living on his own for Uni.

If you are interested in Japanese home cooking recipes, you can find a lot here:

One response to “Orange Page

  1. I used to buy Orange Page regularly. I loved it. I’m just not home cooking enough to make good use of it. 😅

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