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More publishing updates

on July 2, 2016

This month’s Knit Now magazine has my little boy on a goose.


Obvious where I got the inspiration from?;”Wonderful adventure of Nils” by the Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf. Isn’t it great if we could fly like that?

This can be a toy, but you can also enjoy it as a room ornament. If you knit the goose with good quality wool, the wings will have volume and be sturdy enough to be hanged as a mobile.

Also for this month, you can see my knitted baby rattles in “Let’s Get Crafting”. I was requested to make two or three rattles from the cover-mount kit.


They are much bigger than my usual knits, but it is always fun to do something a little different.

And finally, this book has just just gone to the printer. From Search Press 20 to make series, “20 to make mini knitted charms”. The book is already listed here:


I have posted some photos of my tiny dangler knits a while ago like these.


I shared the pattern for this little bird which should be still available from previous post.


The link is this here.

The editors liked the idea and decided to make a book with them. I created some new designs for the book, too.
The projects are tiny, but knitting is very straight forward and take only 10-15 minutes.

This time, the projects were sent to a freelance photographer. I am always nervous about sending projects away and getting the photo shoot done without my presence, but the photographer did a fantastic job. Not only all the photography techniques have been perfect, her styling is outstanding. I could tell she spent a lot of time and care for each shot.

The book is bright, cute and very girly. This is exactly how I wanted.

The book should be available in autumn. Christmas is arriving early for me this year.

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