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Publishing updates

on June 25, 2016

I think my next book, “Mini Knitted Ocean” has gone to the printer by now.

There was a bit of change in publishing schedule, but the shipment should arrive to the warehouse sometime in September. I cannot wait.

This book is dedicated to my dad who taught me the love of ocean.

I wasn’t too close to my dad when I was growing up. He was a man of few words, and I used to feel distance between us. He was strict and also very temperamental. To me, he seemed to snap all of a sudden with no apparent reason.

He worked for the local paper factory as an engineer in shifts, and often worked on Sundays, too. But in summer, he would take me and my brother to swim after work almost everyday. We were very lucky to be living so close to the beach. It was only a few minutes away from our company flat by bicycle.

I visited the flat a few years ago with my boys. How nostalgic I felt! It is not in use any longer, but I was very please to be able to see it still standing there.


The beach and the paper factory my dad worked for 40 years.

Now in his late 70’s, my dad is kind, generous and gentle. He loves his grandchildren to bits.


In spring and autumn, we came for angling and foraging shell fish, and in winter, we enjoyed walks and flying kites. It is not a fantastically pretty beach with dark grey volcanic sand, but I have so much happy memories and I absolutely love this place.

Each fish I knitted for the book, I thought about my dad and the beach.

My brother still comes here every so often with his young son. Last summer, they caught 182 sardines! Surely, they had a feast on that day!

Recently, my publisher kindly posted this image on the World Ocean Day. I guess I am allowed to share the image here.


Isn’t it a pretty photo? You see the Yellow Submarine in the back.

The book is fun and full of quirky characters. I experimented many new ideas.

It also has deep sentimental value for me and I think it is very nice.

I hope the book will reach to many people. I hope my dad will like it, too.

7 responses to “Publishing updates

  1. Cheryl says:

    Very nice book. Glad to see there were good things to remember.

  2. notewords says:

    Charming! I love the submarine at the back, and the clown fish. 😉

  3. This looks absolutely awesome and makes me want to go and visit the sea. I love all the fish but the little critters and the submarine look amazing too. I hope the rest of the publishing schedule goes smoothly for you.

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