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BBC Get Creative

on May 31, 2016


I am so pleased to announce that my work is included to BBC’s Arts, Get Creative website.

I don’t quite remember how I found out about the programme. I guess it was through the Facebook. BBC4 was looking for creators who can participate their new programme by sending them photos.

Yes, that simple, so why not?

I sent them the photos of my favorite knitted carousel of course, but this time, I sent the photos of all rides I created for my knitted amusement park.

I also included this one, my knitted street performers.


If you grew up in Japan in 1970’s, you may be able to tell where I got this inspiration from.
This is from one of the animation series aired on Sunday nights, “Ha ha wo tazunete 3000-li, (7000miles in search of mother)”. It is loosely based on a small part of the novel Heart (Cuore) by Edmondo De Amicis, an Italian writer.


The plot focuses on Marco, a young boy who lives with his family in the harbor city of Genoa, Italy during a depression period in 1881. Marco’s father, Pietro Rossi, is a manager of a clinic who dedicates his time to treating poor patients. The family runs into financial difficulties and Marco’s beloved mother, Anna, goes to Argentina to work as a maid to earn money. Sadly, she becomes ill and the family loses contact with her. Worried Marco decides to head to Argentina on his own in search of her.

But he is only 9 years old!

Marco takes with him his older brother’s pet monkey, Amedeo and together they sneak aboard the ship bound for Brazil. In Brazil, he meets a puppeteer called Peppino and his family, whom he knew from Genoa.

This is the family I knitted. Marco is in the centre with two puppets.


The family consists of the father (with the music box, I made him look much younger without his mustache), the older daughter who is gorgeous and amazing singer/dancer, the young daughter at Marco’s age who is a good puppeteer and the baby girl.


Amedeo, Marco’s pet monkey, dances with the little puppet.

It is a lovely story. We need to have more of these for young children.

I have no idea of how the BBC programme is going to be, but it is supposed to go out on Thursday 9 June at 9 pm.

I hope the programme has included my lovely puppeteer family.


2 responses to “BBC Get Creative

  1. Cheryl says:

    Very nice work! Congrats to you.

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