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Knitted gnome puppet

on May 17, 2016

I love making gnomes and have made many with different media. When I was little, I had no interest in fairies and gnomes, but in my adulthood, I am making gnomes. Funny.

For this month’s Knit Now, I designed another gnome. It is a walking gnome puppet. You can insert your fingers in his trousers (sounds a bit strange), and you can walk him.


Lovely style shot. I am quite pleased with how the photo came out.

I have had made the same gnome in fabric before and had some idea of the basic design, but I still had trials and errors. The first one was out of proportion and looked ugly. I guess the arms were too long and head was too big. I left the project for a while and came back to it a few months later. I think this time worked well.

I sometimes wonder how big the gnomes in stories are.

Are they just about to your knees high like garden gnome statues? Are they half of your size?

I always imagined gnomes are tiny as harvest mice.

A few years ago, I watched the Japanese drama called “Going my home”.



The main character, Ryota’s estranged father falls ill and he returns his home town with his family. He finds that his father had been looking for the legendary “small creature” in his hometown (for real!) Though he doesn’t believe that it actually exists, he begins to meet with many people to uncover his father’s mystery, and slowly his feelings begin to change.

He finds a tiny felt hat hanging on a tree and starts wondering just maybe…it does exist?

Screenshot 2015-01-20 11.41.37

Within the drama, a creature called ‘kuna’ (made up name for these gnomes) will be unveiled. Through the existence of this gnome, we hope that people will be able to appreciate “the power to believe in things we can’t see”; love, dream, joy of sharing… that sort of thing.

Children purely believe in Kuna and enjoy looking for them, but adults becomes embroiled in a big mess. A big prize money is offered upon capturing the gnome alive. Some villagers fake Kunas’ footprints and post the photo on internet for publicity. Sad we are.

Here, Rhota is practicing capturing the gnome. Cute.

Screenshot 2015-01-20 11.44.49

Another interesting story is that these creatures are said to have super natural power to bring back spirits. Some become desperate to see their lost loved ones again.

“Kuna” is about the size I imagined a gnome to be. The drama is heart warming and funny. I really enjoyed watching it. If you search it online, you will be able to find videos with subtitles.


I love gnomes.

One response to “Knitted gnome puppet

  1. notewords says:

    Interesting post and lovely gnome! 😉

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