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Kombu strips cooking idea

on May 10, 2016

Tim is eating Kombu seaweed in space!

When I was looking for images of Tim Peake for the knitted astronauts project, I came across a very interesting TV programme.

It is our renowned chef, Heston Brumenthal’s show called Heston’s Dinner in Space on UK channel 4.

He is on a mission to create space food for Tim. The program follows the scientific adventures of Heston and his team, as they work closely with the UK Space Agency, ESA and NASA and attempt to revolutionise the previously limited world of space food. The task was to shake up the menu and create dishes that would remind Tim of home, helping him combat the emotional impact of his journey. (from Channel 4 info)

I really enjoyed watching this show. It is informative, fun and entertaining. Heston even goes on to the Zero gravity airplane to experience how it is like to eat in the space.

But what I found the most interesting was that he used some of our favorite Japanese food ingredients, Kombu. Kombu is a seaweed that we have been using for centuries in our diet. Kombu seaweed comes from kelp that grows around the north of Japan. It is high in minerals, including iodine, potassium, calcium and iron.


It comes in sheets or strips. Kombu sheets are tough and they are to use for stocks. We like soft, thin and salted strips called “Shio (salt) Kombu”, and it is ready to eat. You can sprinkle on top of warm steamed rice or use for filling for rice balls. You can toss with salad or use for cooking.

I like using Kombu to flavour pasta. Strange? but it is very tasty. Unlike heavy sauce, it is low in fat and sugar and it takes so little effort to make this dish.

Main ingredients are

spaghetti, 80g per person
pointed cabbage and any vegetable of your choice
salted kombu strips, 1-2 Tbsp per person
crashed garlic
Olive oil or vegetable oil

I like using spaghetti for this recipe, but you can use any pasta. Just cook pasta following the instructions on the packet. Stir fry the vegetables with garlic and kombu and add the cooked pasta at the end.

Cook vegetables first,


then, add pasta


Mix well and done.


Light and healthy and gentle to your both waistline and wallet.

If you like soy sauce flavour, you can add a few drops, but take care, you don’t want to make it too salty.

You can add some protein to this. I found flaked fish, tinned tuna or smoked mackerel goes well. I think chicken would go well, too.

We like pasta dish with Japanese touch and eat it with chopsticks.
Salted Kombu strips are available from Asian grocers, health food stores and online.

I hope Tim is enjoying Heston’s food with Kombu strips in space.

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