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Knitted astronauts

on May 3, 2016

I found the better photo of my YSD mascot.


My elephant, named Tiny looks very cozy with the monkey Chris. These pattern should be available soon through Let’s Knit magazine website for free.

The shop had our posters and books displayed in shop windows. I brought my knitted samples which attracted young and old. It was very nice to see people’s reactions when they see my creations.


And of course, I had brought my business card that I made for this occasion. This one looks much nicer than the one I had when I used to work in the City!


It was a small event, but I had a lot of fun with my fellow author and editor, May Corfield. And the shop was offering everything 20% off sale! I got a few balls of Rowan of course.

Another exciting event from last week. Knit Today May issue with my article has come out.

This one has my knitted animal astronauts and guess who, Tim Peake. Tim Peake is a European Space Agency astronaut and International Space Station crew member who is traveling space at this moment.


This article goes across three spreads and you get the pattern to knit four animals, pig, dog, mouse and rabbit, and Tim. You also get the pattern to make the rocket.



Editorial team has taken great photos and did a fantastic art work. I am very pleased with how it came out.

My younger son did the illustration for making up section. It is his first published work! He is looking to take graphic art courses after six forms. I hope this article has given him further motivation for his study.


I heard that the editor has sent the images to Tim on ISS. I hope he liked it.


2 responses to “Knitted astronauts

  1. jujuhooks says:

    Brilliant. Getting yarn today ready to start the blast off for knitting these wonderful guys. A big thank you luv jujus

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