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Let’s Knit May issue

on April 26, 2016

May issue of Let’s Knit magazine is now out in shops.


This one comes with my Farm animal knitting kit. You can make sheep, dog, cow, pig and mouse with the yarn in the packet. Exciting!

Farmyard Friends

But it was very tricky and difficult to make this kit.

First, we had to choose colours and amounts of each ball considering where to use main and contrast colours. I made samples using my own yarn. Originally the editors wanted the animals bright and vivid for the magazine to stand out among many other competitors, but after seeing my animal samples, they decided to go for natural colours. I think it is nicer that way.

After agreeing with the colours, the kit went to production. I re-knitted the animals with the kit yarn to alter the pattern, but I found the yarn much thicker than commercial DK yarn and had many trials and errors.

But I know it was worth it.

The patterns are super simple and easy. They share similar patterns, too. For body, you knit a square and sew four corners to create legs. I like simple patterns and detest gussets with passion. Knitted pieces are stretchy, allowing you to shape after sewing up. I don’t see much point in over complicating knitting patterns for toys.

This issue has more exciting news; the mascot for the Yarn Shop Day.

I have received an honour to design the mascot for the big day this year! I was asked to make an elephant, so here it is.


I chose soft yellow so that it can be a boy or a girl. Readers can choose any colour they like for the elephant.

The elephant is named “Tiny”. It seems he has a mate called Chris, the monkey. Tiny sits about 12cm and for me, it is not so tiny, but with the monkey Chris, he does look Tiny.
You can pick up their patterns at the YSD participating shops on Saturday.

Tiny and Chris


Yes, the Yarn Shop Day is next Saturday, and I will be at C & H Fabric shop in Tunbridge Wells with a fellow author and editor, May Corfield. She has written crochet books; 20 to make crochet granny squares and 20 to make crochet hearts. We will be doing a book signing and a workshop.

I am going to do an easy toy knits workshop.

For example, these animals. They are all made with knitted square pieces, no increase nor decrease.


This way, children or non knitters can have a go. Some can be made with garter stitches so that you don’t have to purl.

I hope many will come see us.

A Happy Yarn Shop Day!

6 responses to “Let’s Knit May issue

  1. Jo Harley says:

    Hi,are there any tutorials on how to make up the farmyard animals? I am new to knitting and finding the written instructions difficult to follow.

    Thank you

    • knitsbysachi says:

      I have an illustrations I did for the article.The magazine did photos instead. I do not know if the illustrations will help you, but if you can contact me through my web page, I can send it to you. Which part are you having problems with?

      • Jo Harley says:

        I don’t understand the instructions on making the back legs. (I’m probably being incredibly thick!) I am better if I can see someone doing it rather than written instructions. Any help would be gratefully received. The instructions say to “fold corners of cast on edge diagonlly with wrong side together and sew together for 4cm”. Sorry, I haven’t got a clue.


      • knitsbysachi says:

        I have sent you the illustrations through e-mail. I hope this will help.

      • Jo Harley says:

        Thank you, that really helped.


  2. ann fitton says:

    Please could you send me the illustrations for the making up of the farmyard animals too as i can not understand it at all.
    Thank you Ann

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