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Interview article and my new projects

on April 12, 2016

In this month’s Simply Knitting magazine, you will find this.


My interview article!

It is done by answering the questions the editor send me, so there was no interview session as such. I supply most of the photos, too, but it is still very flattering to appear in this page. I have been a fan of the magazine and knitted many toys designed by Alan Dart.

Like this one. Guys from Shawn the sheep.(I knitted from his pattern with a bit of improvisation.)


I didn’t even dreamed of seeing myself in this magazine a few years ago.

Like I said in the interview, I am no born knitter. I learned the skill from a mum in a parent and toddler group. She was ever so patient and showed me from the very basic; how to cast-on.

She was a fantastic knitter with her stitches so clean and even. Mine looked horrible. They were like bad teeth needing orthodontic braces. It is often said that knitting is good for mental health, but it certainly wasn’t for me then. It frustrated me and only caused more stress I didn’t need.

But I am glad I kept practicing.

Now I think I should have took each step more slowly and enjoyed my skill develop. There is no such thing called “bad knitting” is there?

I did have a go at making scarves, hats and even jumpers, but from very early on, I was always more interested in teddies and bunnies. I learned different techniques through toy making. By knitting a small jumper for a teddy bear, I learned a variety of stitches, cable and bobbles and the circular knitting. I also learned working with colours and fair isle knitting the same way. It is great to try something new without committing to a large project.

I so love knitting toys.

Recently, I have been making a little more practical and useful things, for example, coin cases.

Like these.

These have inner cotton linings and quite sturdy. Some have zippers, some have clasps. I practiced a bit of fair isle, too.

I like girly stuff.

I can sew to a certain degree, so that working with zippers wasn’t new to me. But I have never made a purse with clasps.

I took YouTube lessons and got the basic idea how to attach the clasps. It is great, the YouTube tutorials.

I made up the knitting pattern. I had pretty sock yarn that I was dying to use and it was perfect for this project.


I think I am getting hooked with these purse making now. I also made a mobile sock.

This is fun!

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