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Yaki (roasted) Onigiri

on March 15, 2016

Almost good to eat? My knitted Sushi box.

I thought we bought a very large bag of rice the last time when we shopped at the Asian supermarket.

20kg of rice!

But it is gone, all gone! I have to buy Japanese rice from local supermarket for now.

Japanese cooking is popular now, and Sushi rice is widely available at supermarkets. Many people even enjoy making Sushi at home in the UK.

Sushi rice costs more than other kind of rice for some reason, but I have found cheaper alternatives.

To make Sushi, you certainly need short grain rice which are much stickier than long grain rice, but you do not have to buy rice categorized as Sushi rice. You can use pudding rice or Paella rice. I recently found packets sold simply as “short grain rice”. It looks and tastes exactly the same as Sushi rice, and sold for £1 per 500g.


My boys loves steamed rice. If they had rice and soy sauce, they are happy. I occasionally make Yaki Onigiri, Grilled rice balls.

Yaki onigiri is a crunchy savoury rice balls, with or without filling. It is often eaten as snack or lunch and made with my boys favorite two ingredients, rice and soy sauce. They are grilled until the rice is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

I make them in a frying pan, but you can use your oven. You can even BBQ.

Grab some hot rice and mould it into a triangular or round shape with your hands, making sure to compact the rice as much as possible to stop the onigiri from falling apart when you grill it. I make them into triangle shape, the conventional way.

Very lightly grease the pan and cook until the both sides are crispy.


Brush with soy sauce.


You will enjoy lovely smell of soy sauce being cooked.


My mum sent me lots of lots of Japanese food recently for my son’s birthday. She sends me large parcels three times a year. We absolutely love them.


If you travel to Japan, make sure you visit supermarkets. It is so much fun just to browse, and I am sure you will find many interesting items.

[Only available in Japan; so many different flavours of Kitkat.(I an not too sure if I want to try “Watermelon flovour” or “Apple vinegar” but “Caramel macchiato” sounds good)]


4 responses to “Yaki (roasted) Onigiri

  1. Cheryl says:

    Sounds good! I’m like your sons- I could make a meal of rice and soy sauce. I’m going to try this. Thanks

  2. Nina says:

    What gorgeous knitted sushi. I found your blog through Ravelry and love your designs. I’m going to try making yaki ongiri for my daughter, she will love it!

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