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Baby step to a dream

on March 8, 2016

My builders and an architect.


Having waited for 5 weeks in agony, my son finally got an interview invitation from the university. This one is his first option.

He applied for the architecture course along with other 1400 applicants.

The applicants were told to submit 5 drawings with specific instructions, and wait. If the school liked your work, you would get invited for an interview.

Only 400 would get invited. If you didn’t, you are out of the game.

I have seen my son’s work and was confident he would get an interview, but we both were getting more and more anxious.

But yes! He got it. He is invited.

Initially, he was looking for automotive design courses. Ever since he was little, he has been drawing cars and had an ambition to become an automotive designer. But at the same time, he had a strong interest in studying architecture.

Just a week(!) before the Ucas deadline date, he finally decided to go for the architecture.

His trip to Kenya may have influenced on his decision. He worked with locals to build a school, which people desperately needed. He engraved the school sign board at the end of the project. Somewhere in a remote place in Kenya, there stands a school sign with his writing on it. I think it is rather nice.

My son says he is not too interested in building fancy or quirky buildings to become a famous architect. He doesn’t need to build another Shard. “I just want to design something to help people live comfortable life.”, he says.

He quite often draws war zones and natural disasters with sadness. I think he is very kind-hearted.

Hiroshima dome where the atomic bomb hit in 1945.


Tsunami, 2011.

He also paints spaces and buildings.


Photo 09-12-2014 14 48 46 3

He certainly has great interest in this area.

Choosing your future is really tough, but I wish him very good luck.

He produces lots of artwork everyday. I believe in his talent.



2 responses to “Baby step to a dream

  1. Cheryl says:

    What a talented young man! Good luck to him! Cheryl

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