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Knitted St. George

on February 29, 2016

The new issue of Knit Now magazine has one of my favorite work, St.George and Dragon.



When we got the call for submissions, the brief was to make something all British. Hearing the word British, the first thing which came up to my mind was St. George, our guardian saint.

Never mind he came from Turkey.

I have had made a set in the past.

But this time, I wanted to make baby George. We have a little George in our Royal family. This is to celebrate his birth, too.

I also changed the design of the dragon. When I made the previous set, I thought the dragon should have a bit longer tail. The wings also needed some improvement.

But I kept its friendly look. I don’t think I can ever make a scary dragon no matter how I try. I am Japanese.

In Asia, the dragon is commonly the symbol of nobility, solemnness, holiness, and good fortune. Throughout the history of China, Korea, and Japan, the dragon (or the concept of the dragon) has been a part of people’s daily lives.

I grew up watching the animation program, Nippon Mukashi Banashi (Japanese folk tales), An omnibus-format TV series consisting of anime adaptations of Japanese folk tales. In the opening song, this little boy was flying on a dragon. I always loved this image, and it may have influenced on this St. George project.


He is lovely.
We truly love dragon in Asia. We love it so much and even included in the Zodiac animals. It is the only legendary animal in the calendar.

Do you know how the twelve animals were chosen? There are several different stories, but the one I like goes like this.

The Chinese God of Heaven told animals to come to the meeting if they wanted to be in the Calendar. First come, first served, he said. Cat asked Rat to wake him up in the morning, but Rat forgot the promise and Cat over-slept.
That is why cats cannot stand the sight of rats.

Cute story for children, no?

I don’t think the magazine project is too complicated, but there is a little tricky bit in the dragon. You can see some step-by-step images here.

If you start now, you will have your own set before the St. George’s Day. (image shared from Knit Now FB. I love this photo)


5 responses to “Knitted St. George

  1. chrissieknits says:

    Another masterpiece, Sachi! The level of detail is amazing. Your work always makes me smile 🙂

  2. Sally Bryant says:

    Hello im stuck on row 40 on the dragon is there a tutorial for this row i dont seem to get the idea ofthe bit from turn lower needle and sts onto it and far ends of the sts meeting in the middle please help xxx

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