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Winter wreath

on February 22, 2016

I find the month of February quite depressing, and I am sure I am not the only one.

Exciting celebrations is long gone and is a distant memory. The days are still short, the weather is not very kind. It is cold, wet and miserable.

And we still have some weeks until the spring arrives.

May be because of all this, I am knitting flowers, lots of flowers recently. Subconsciously, I may be trying to cheer myself up.

I love all bell shaped flowers, Lily of the valley being my favorite. We have lots and lots of bluebells in early summer here in the West Sussex. I have loads in my garden, too. This time of year, we get to see snowdrops. They must be tough flowers, blooming in this cold weather. Every time I see them, I get a bit of strength from them.

They look very cute by the window.

Wanting to have a go at a bigger project with flowers, I decided to make a wreath with winter theme.

I thought making snow effect was a little too ambitious, so that I chose subtle colours; white, pastel pink, soft green and yellow.

And for the centre, I made winter child fairy, all dressed in white.

Work in progress; I make all pieces first and arrange a little by little.

Making these tiny pompom was tricky. I cut a forefinger with large scissors. Ouch.

Flower knitting patterns are quite simple but takes time to knit each petal and assembly. It is nice to see the work coming along nicely, and when it is done, it is utterly rewarding.




My robin goes on the top.

Yes, it is dark and cold and miserable outside, but if I could make this with my knees wrapped in a blanket, I am very happy.

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