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Happy Chinese New Year!

on February 8, 2016

It is early this year, the Chinese New Year’s Day.

Since 1873, the official Japanese New Year has been celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar, on January 1 of each year. So, we do not have celebration as Chinese people do, but you get to see the dragon dance in China towns. It is a exciting day for many.

I knitted this dragon dance set last year. This is my favorite piece.


It was fun to knit this dragon and I could use up my bright Ferrari red yarn that I did not know what to do with.

This year, I have this one; Children with panda bear.


I am quite pleased with how they came out. And the fortune cookies, they are also made with felt.


I also made the wall sign.

This character Fú (we pronounce fuku in Japan) meaning “fortune” or “good luck”. Mounted Fú are a widespread Chinese tradition associated with Chinese New Year and can be seen on the entrances of many Chinese homes. This is often displayed upside-down on diagonal red squares. I have heard that the phrase an “upside-down Fú” sounds nearly identical to the phrase “Good luck arrives” in Chinese.

We do not have this tradition in Japan. When I first saw the Fú sign in a Chinese restaurant in London, I thought someone put it up the wrong way up by mistake. My sign here is not hang upside down. Being Japanese, I prefer this way. I do not feel too comfortable hanging the “luck” letter upside down.

But I think it is all right.


Again, this is done with felt. I cut out the letter and sew it onto the fabric.

and the knot? I have this book, “Chinese knots for beaded jewellery” by my publisher Search Press. The instruction is very clear and I could make this pretty knot!

Happy Chinese New Year!

3 responses to “Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. Just beautiful! Love that panda 🙂

  2. lucyannluna says:

    I love your Chinese characters

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