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What I made during holidays

on January 9, 2016

I had quiet and peaceful holidays which was very nice.

I don’t miss my family back home in Japan much at Christmas. Christmas is still a little foreign for us. But I do think about them a lot at New Year’s Day. New Year (shogatsu or oshogatsu) is the most important holiday in Japan. Most businesses shut down from January 1 to January 3, and families gather to spend the days together.

We don’t do much celebration here in our household, but we have this ritual; we go see the first sunrise together.

We would be going to shrine for “Hatsumode” if we were in Japan. Hatsumōde is the first Shinto shrine visit of the New Year. Many visit on the first, second, or third day of the year. We make new wishes for the new year.

Instead, we make new wishes to the Sun.

Fortunately, we live on the top of the hill, and there is a spot we can see the sunrise. We had have so much rain lately, but the morning was bright and promising, so with our teenage sons and off we went.

It wasn’t a clear sunrise, but we could still peak it through the clouds. I love spending time with my boys like this.

And I had nothing planned rest of the day, so, yes, you guessed it right, I knitted.

Just before Christmas, I made a wreath with felt fabric. I was rather pleased with the result, and this time, I decided to make it in knitting.

This is the one in felt.

I always had the idea of making garland or wreath with knitting, but I worried that the wreath would get a little heavy. Having done the wreath with felt helped tremendously. I knew the size and design I wanted before I knitted a stitch.

I used the same template for the base of the wreath. The ring I made as the base is made of two cardboard circles taped together. The diameter for the outer edge is 20 cm and the width of the ring is 2.5cm. I did maths I learned in elementary school and I figured out the circumference. From there, I calculated the stitch numbers using my gauge.

I had to cast on 120 sts. I am used to knit tiny things, so this is rather a big project which made me a little nervous. But you see, it worked.

Adding flowers is the fun bit.

Some of the decorations were quite easy to design, but some were not. I had lots of trials and errors, but it was very exciting to see the work coming together.


And here is the finished work.
The wreath has my little angel and the rabbit.


And I am quite pleased with how the bells turned out.


I can enjoy this next Christmas.

2 responses to “What I made during holidays

  1. notewords says:

    Gorgeous! I love the little bird on top. And a beautiful sunrise. 😉

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