knits by sachi

Christmas craft

on December 4, 2015

I knitted this wreath earlier this year. I made it especially for the Knit Now magazine so that it was made in summer. (Took a little effort to get into the spirit…) Instead of making toys, I wanted something to decorate home this time.

We feel like making something when Christmas approaches. Even if you are not involved in any craft usually, you may want to join a workshop or two and make something special for your home or someone special.

I remember making my first wreath many years ago in America. I wasn’t at all doing any craft then, but I enjoyed the workshop very much and proudly brought my creation home to show it to everyone.

I design many things all year around but still, I feel very creative in December.

I still knit a lot, but this year, I started to sewing a bit more. It works very well, doing sewing and knitting projects going at the same time. Sewing takes much less time than knitting. It is good to try the idea with sewing first and see if it works.

Hence, I am much busier than before, always having a go at new projects.

Recently, I made this felt wreath.


I cut two cardboard circle rings and glue them together. I sew green felt to encase the cardboard and sew felt leaves and flowers.

I had no vision or plan at all when I started it. I made a poinsettia flower and decided I need another. I added holly leaves and berries, but I thought I needed something more. Then, came the little angel, acorns, oak leaves and pine cones.

I wanted to make a cute wreath without getting it look too childish. I think the angel was just right.


Once I started to see how I wanted it, things got easier and quicker. It took me good three days and a quick run to a haberdashery to get the ribbon. But it certainly was very exciting and fun three days and I am happy with the result.

Just a little final touch, a dove.


I was quite pleased with the angel and decided to make more.


I am going to knit them next.

Handmade ornaments are great. You get to see them every Christmas for many years.
I still have the stockings my boys made in their kindergarten. They are simple felt stockings but very lovely.

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