knits by sachi

Update on my amusement park

on November 20, 2015


Hearing what happened in Paris last weekend has put us in a great shock and sadness. We have been taking it for granted to be living in peace. This incident made us realize how fortunate we are to live in a country which provide us safety, equality and human rights.

Recently, I was talking to my son about visiting museums in Paris this winter. I wanted to see the carousel, too, which has inspired me to create the knitted carousel.

I know we will be able to do this soon.

The knitted carousel did well in the Craftsy Awards, and I also received kind messages from many people. Thank you so much!

I have added more rides for my amusement park. Tea cups and kart ride as in a previous post, and I have a few more.

Here is the latest addtion: the parachute ride.


I have never been on one of those and I guess this is a fast falling, thrilling ride. My little friends seem very relaxed in it, so let us think this one moves very slowly.


I guess this can be a baby mobile if you take it off from the wooden pole. I wanted to make more animals but the problem is, knitted and stuffed animals can be a little too heavy for a mobile. I didn’t want to make it over crowded either.

I have my favorite elephant, giraffe and bear with my little baby boy.



I wish we could all live in harmony like this.

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