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Mini felt sugarcraft

on October 16, 2015

The BBC’s Great British Bake-Off is over. We all love the show and I am already missing it.

We saw lots of great bakes, funny faces and tears. It is fantastic to see the contestants making great effort creating something original.

As I watch the show, I enjoyed creating my own sweets, yes, you guessed it right, with felt fabric.

I do love baking, but the problem is, most bakes are quite calorific. I cannot possibly feed my family extra 300 kcal a day. Making felt sweets is my alternative.

Working with felt is great. Materials are easy to obtain and inexpensive. I can also achieve the effects that I cannot with knitting.

Like this. Don’t they look real?


My boys thought these were real at the first glance, and I felt guilty when I disappointed them with the truth.

I enjoyed designing my own cakes. I love the dainty and stylish mini cakes in French style. I don’t particularly have a sweet tooth, but I would love to visit pattisseries in Paris someday. Their cakes are so pretty!


For chocolate transfer sheet, I painted jute fabric with acrylic paint and wrapped the cake with it. I tried to make a lattice with thin strips of felt, but it was way too difficult.

And now, the little chefs. I have to have little pattissiers. They are smaller than cakes, piping bags and utensils. I wanted the gnome-like effect. Or they could be the kitchen fairies?



I made the silver whisk with wires. I wasn’t too sure if I could make one, but it came out fine after some effort. The piping bag is made with felt, too, with the cardboard tip wrapped with aluminium foil.

And here is the full cast.


I recently submitted this project to The Craftys Awards competition, so, please vote for me!

I thought this competition was limited to the felt craft, but I just found that you could submit other craft as well. ( I know so little about craft awards and competitions). I made another entry with knitting of course. I submitted the knitted carousel.

I think we have only a week or so until the closing date, and I wish I knew about it a little earlier, but it is still a good opportunity to let more people know of my creations.

I do like showing off my work!

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