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Mini knitted ocean

on October 2, 2015

My photographer and designer collected props from the beach on a chilly rainy day.


We didn’t know what to call this book, but it seems the title has been set:Mini knitted ocean.

We had a photo shoot session recently again at the Search Press studio.
For this book, I hand dyed many pieces of fabrics of different materials. I also tried Shibori tie dye. Because it is all about sealife, there was a risk of the photos becoming a little boring. We did not want the same blue back ground all the way through. We tried to throw in different colours as much as possible.

I also made some props for my designer.


A treasure box, a boat with a keel and a cage.

We wanted a treasure box for the scuba diver scene. I made the box with cardboard, painted with acrylic paint and glued a gold ribbon.

The boat with a keel is to shoot from the bottom of the sea, looking up the surface.

The cage was to go with the shark scene, but unfortunately, we didn’t use this one.

See, I did my homework.

I created these knitted creatures thinking of my father.

After my mother was diagnosed with her illness, my parents had to give up hiking and mountain climbing that they enjoyed very much. My father bought a large fish tank and started collecting little tropical fishes.Growing up near the ocean, I guess he always loved sealife.

But after the large earthquake in 2011, he decided to give it up, too. So, I am dedicating the book to him.

The photo session was challenging, and sometimes, we spent over an hour on one project. The composition is not right, the balance of the colours is not right, the proportion is not right, the figures at the wrong angle….


Lots of hanging with wires and threads, too.


It will be a colourful book. I was excited to use all the bright coloured yarn in my stash. And the photographer is very good at bringing them up of course.


And you will have a little bonus.

A knitted Yellow Submarine.

Not just the submarine in yellow, but “The Yellow Submarine”. My editor spent months to get the permission to use it in the book.
Sadly, we did not receive a permission to use four guys to go in it, but I am sure readers can make their own.

I am not showing the submarine here yet. When the cover is ready, you will see.

3 responses to “Mini knitted ocean

  1. Julie Henn says:

    What an exciting “tease” you give us with these photos! It looks like you had such fun! I love reading and seeing the “behind the scenes” work that goes into each photo! It really adds to the appreciation of the joy that your books give! I really feel the love, the creativity and the attention to detail that is printed on every page! Like your previous books, this one is going to showcase, once again, your FABULOUS talent, creativity and quirky designs! This book will be another JOY that I can’t wait to page through! About THAT submarine – I didn’t realise that you’d have to get permission, maybe one day (hopefully) we will get to knit the “four guys” as well. CONGRATULATIONS!

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you very much, Julie! Yes, I have put lots of love into every book. This one has personal value as well. I thought about my family while I was creating especially my father who loved spending time by the beach. He took me and my brother to swim during the summer, to catch fish in winter. My brother enjoys angling with his young son now. They caught 149 sardines last summer!
      This time, we had to hang or stick the fish for the photos. We will not see them without wires until the very last stage of editing. I cannot wait!

  2. aromadry says:

    fabuloso, me encnató.

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