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Knitted amusement rides

on September 18, 2015

Here are some new additions to my knitted amusement park.

Knitted tea cups and a tea pot.


For this amusement park, I made up some characters. I have these little babies with hats, a giraffe, a bear, a penguin and an elephant. Occasionally, my little bunny, a cat and a goose come to play.

I always start with the item which looks the most challenging. If I work the most of the set and cannot make the crucial part, it is very disappointing. I want to make sure the idea works before I spend too much time on the project..

For this set, it was the tea cup.


It is a knitted circle. I started from the base centre, increased stitches to the rim, made a folding line and decreased stitches towards the inner centre base. It is lightly stuffed and the table is added afterwards.

I didn’t have the finished image when I started the project. I decided the teacups need a teapot in the centre, so I added it.



I tried to squeeze my elephant, but he was a little too big.

I used to think tea cup ride was a gentle fun ride until I had a go with my friend who turned the table brutally. Only then I realized it was not a romantic ride like a carousel.

I have been to two Disney parks, one in Tokyo and one in Florida. I took my boys to Sesame Place, Sanrio Kitty Land and Lego Land. But how come they have no memories of these places??

But my boys left me fantastic memories. I cannot complain.


All parts were quite easy and quick to knit, but the base platform took me a little longer. I decided to re-use it for another project which is this one.




There are more to come!

5 responses to “Knitted amusement rides

  1. Danka_Zee says:

    I am not surprised you are published. Your little creations are great and unique. Love your work

  2. jujuhooks says:

    Absolutely brilliant and beautiful luv em

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