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Soya milk and green tea sorbet

on September 11, 2015

Carrot cake is probably the only way to feed my sons carrot!
Last week on British Bake-Off, we saw contestants baking with alternative ingredients.

Baking a cake without sugar, baking bread without gluten, making ice cream without dairy.

It is a bit of a challenge. Quite often your bakes do not turn well without conventional sugar, butter, eggs recipes.

I tried this recipe this summer. It is Soya milk and green tea sorbet.
I like using soya milk in my cooking. My family loves miso soup with soya milk. I do not like drinking it as much, but someone like my father who worries cholestrol level and has lactose intorelance, soya milk is just great.

300cc Soya milk
10g Green tea powder
80g Sugar
100cc Water

The original recipe says dissolve the Green tea powder in soya milk, add sugar, sieve the mixture through paper towel lined sieve and freeze in the freezer.



I found that the powder gets lumpy and does not mix too well. I think it is a good idea to dissolve it in 2-3 tbsp of warm water before you add to the soya milk.

The recipe also says to keep the mixture in a plastic container and stir with a fork a few times during the course of freezing.
I have a better idea. I always keep homemade ice cream mixture in a zip bag. I take it out of the freezer once in a while and give it a good squeeze.


This is so much easier!

And here is what I made.


It is light and refreshing.
Many contestants went for coconut milk as soon as they heard “non-dairy” but soya milk is another non-dairy alternative.

I would like to think cooking and baking with alternatives gives more choices in ingredients rather than limiting them. You never know, you may discover a great recipe.

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