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Hand crafted souvenirs

on August 29, 2015

Returned home from the adventure of a lifetime.

My son came home from Africa safe and sound on Monday.

He was much cleaner and well fed than I had expected. The trip was absolutely amazing, he said. He looked truly content.

While I was rolling sushi for dinner, my son perched on a stool and told me a lot about the trip. Surely, he had a lot to tell.

He told me that he has been well during the trip. Most of the members suffered from diarrhea, but he has been lucky. He also enjoyed the food and happily ate whatever he was offered. He said their chapatis were very very good and absolutely loved them.

“Did you eat anything unusual?” I asked and he said “a boiled banana!” Umm, interesting.

He bought each of us something for souvenir.

For me, he got these wooden bowls. I am keeping bits and bobs of craft materials in these.

Elephants and lions are carved on the side of the bowl.
and this;
The Kilimanjaro coffee. It smells amazing and I am certainly keeping the cotton bag after use.

For my husband, he got this. It is hand carved stone rhino.

And these are for his brother.
A lion necklace and
wooden lion with his name.

For himself, a lion’s tooth necklace and the Masai blanket. He bought both directly from the Masai tribe. He had a quick lesson on how to wear the blanket.
These will make him strong.

He very much enjoyed every minute of the experience. Helping locals to build their school was fun and rewarding. Kenyan children kept calling my son “Jackie Chan”. They had never seen an Asian person before, but how flattering to be called that!

I hope he has shown some Karate moves. My son holds a black belt after all.

A shy and quiet teenage boy returned a confident young man. I am very pleased that we sent him to Africa.

And here is what we had for dinner. Quick sushi with the filling I can make with ingredients from local supermarket. I thought he had missed Japanese food.


6 responses to “Hand crafted souvenirs

  1. Hm, looks like your son had a very worthwhile time in Africa, indeed! Glad to know that he has matured after that trip, Miss Sachi! \(^o^)

  2. So glad to hear your son returned home safely – sounds like he had a truly amazing experience. Love that lion necklace, what an amazing souvenir!

  3. Pam says:

    Glad he had such a lovely time and the presents are very thoughtful. 😊

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