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20 to make photo session

on August 19, 2015

The photo shoot for my third book went very nice and smoothly.

This book contains 20 projects, which is less than my other books. I kept the patterns and assembly instructions simple since there is not enough space for step-by-step tutorials.

Although this is a mini A-5 book, my editor and the art designer had spent a lot of time on planning the shoot.
And we took a lot of care into the session.

As always, we started with the flat shots.

When we did the previous books, we struggle to photograph animals knitted in all white because for the flat shots, we need to have plain white background. Now, I know this and I try to use pale grey or off-white yarn when it is possible.

Another difficult colour to shoot is black. It often turns out brown or funny grey colour. We do need to correct a little digitally.


Some of my animals do not want to stand on their own. In that case, my photographer has a great tip.


A-ha! He uses a Bluetack and a cocktail stick. The stick will be hidden behind the item and will not show in the photo.

When our art designer comes down to the studio, the real fun starts. We take styled shots.

Many authors use very simple background without props, and I think that is one strategy, but I like my photos to tell stories.
My photographer and designer know this very well and they make so much effort to make things just right.

Here, he is trying to make my boy angel sit on a cloud.


He also had a very cute and romantic setting for my little cats. The cats are supposed to be sitting on a brick wall. The moon is a paper cut-out.


We also had a rather grandiose props like this one in the studio. It is handmade by one of the stuff at the Search Press and it was just perfect for my rockets.

Yes, we take matters very seriously.


For each photo, we spent lots of time and care. Juan, the designer got this large branch from outside just for my owls.


And he also sent his wife shopping to get some plastic seaweeds for this photo.

You can tell already that this will be another very exciting book!

2 responses to “20 to make photo session

  1. Julie Henn says:

    I DO love seeing all the behind the scenes photos and to read all about how it is done. It gives a new appreciation to looking at every page. I feel that your personality comes through in each photo of your books and such a sense of fun! So not only do we buy a book of wonderful patterns, we get pages and pages of MAGIC! Congratulations!!

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you so much! It is certainly a great fun creating these scenes. My photographer and designer both say they enjoy these sessions the most, and I was very pleased to hear it. They can show off their talent, too.

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