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Upcycling projects

on August 7, 2015

I am enjoying sewing more than I had expected.

I was going to do felt sewing to use up the fabric stash, but now, I am buying more and my stash is getting bigger instead of smaller! Sewing can be addictive.

I have been making little items and have discovered that you can upcycle lots of things around the house.

like bottle caps.

I made pin cushions with them.

pin cushion

Apparently, I am not the only one who came up with this idea.I have seen cute designs in internet. My Facebook friend also told me that you could put a magnet in the cap so that the pin cushion would stick to your sewing machine. If you attach a hairband, you can wear it on your finger. How clever!

The method to make these is very simple.
To cover the outside of the cap, cut a sheet of fabric to the size and glue it.
For the top part, cut a fabric to 9cm in diameter, work a running stitch all around and fill with toy filling. Pull tight. Wet the inside of the bottle cap with liquid glue and squeeze the stuffed top piece inside. Leave to dry and decorate the rest as you wish.

I made a little bigger version of these using bigger bottle caps.

Now, it is getting really fun.

Another project I enjoyed was this one.


It is made with a core of a packaging tape. I added the base and the lid with cardboard circles. It is covered with cotton fabric first before it is added the felt fabric.


I liked it very much and made another one. The second design has hares and tortoises on the side and an acorn on the lid.




I think children can enjoy making them, too. You don’t really need to do any sewing and stick felt shapes instead.

Now everything seems to have a potential to become my craft material and I cannot throw away a thing!

One response to “Upcycling projects

  1. The two little pots are beautiful!

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