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Summer sewing

on July 23, 2015


I have decided to do a bit more of sewing starting this summer.

It is not that I feel I had enough of knitting (never!), but it may be nice to broaden my craft activity.

I have done my fair share of sewing and at one point, I was making all my clothes, even tailored suits. But my sewing skill has become a little rusty and my sewing machine is hiding in a corner of my room. I decided to start with what I like the most; small items and toys with felt fabric.

Making felt mascot dolls and animals is the first craft I took up when I was 11 years old. It was so popular in my class and every girl was making them. There were some popular books of sewing patterns circulating among us and we also exchange our handmade little cuties for birthdays and Christmas. I gave one to a boy I had a crash on.

Remembering all this and feeling a little nostalgic, I dug up some felt fabrics from boxes. This time, I am making my own designs of course.

The first project; summer and beach

I have decide to make the style simple and stylish. I did not want them to look too childish.

And here is my Nautilus set. I hanged them like banners.

These are simply made with front and back fabric pieces sewn together and lightly stuffed.


I collected my favorite items. I think you can make them into a baby mobile, too.

And beach huts. You have to have beach huts.



This must be the easiest sewing craft and anyone can do enjoy it. It is super easy to create your own design, too.

Now, I think I am addicted to this. Ooh, I am in trouble again.


This is actually my conservatory dressed like a shop window. I think it works well.

2 responses to “Summer sewing

  1. I love these! What a great project.

  2. The detail in your beach huts is amazing – you are so talented x

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