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A day trip to London

on July 16, 2015


We went to see the exhibit of the National Student Art Competition in London last week end.

This is the second time my son’s work has been chosen. This year, two of his drawings entered the competition.


It is exciting and motivating for him to see his work nicely framed and exhibited in art shows. We also saw lots of young talent.



Oh, yes, I am a very proud mum and I want him to know it.

Sometimes he goes to London on his own to visit galleries and do sketches. This time, he dragged me to several museums. I used to enjoy studying art history when I was young and I have a shoe box full of postcards of paintings. I have been there and done all this and now, I may be more attracted to China Town and M&M World, but it is nice to spend some time in front of master pieces sometimes.

In the second year in 6th form art, students need to write an essay on two artists of their choice. My son has chosen Turner and Richter, both his favorite. We decided to focus on Turner.

National Gallery has five paintings of Turner. They are utterly amazing.


My son is really fascinated by Turner and the idea of painting elements of the Earth. He didn’t move from these paintings for what seems like an eternity and I needed to sit down.

We also visited Tate Britain.
Tate Britain is a little away from the central Tourist attractions and was much more peaceful and calm. Here, you can see the largest collection of Turner’s in the world.

I found these very interesting.
I didn’t know Turner painted women.


This one must be unfinished?

It is too good to be true that we never have to pay admission fees to enter museums in London! There isn’t any city like this. When my boys were young, we enjoyed Natural History Museum, Science Museum and British Museum. A lot!

Art museums used to ban any photographing, but these days, it is permitted for personal, non-commercial use.

And souvenir shops! You cannot forget visiting souvenir shops. It is so fun looking around and I also get a lot of ideas for my craft.

I think I am going to make these with felt fabric myself.



Crocheted London.These are so cool!

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