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Almost there!

on July 10, 2015

My third book is at the final stage of editing and is almost ready to be sent to the printer.

I have received the final proof. This one is printed on nice glossy paper and is sent from the reproduction team. I am to check the colours of the photos and spot any flaws.


We had photo shoot sessions back in March. Since then the photos are nicely laid out by my editor and the text has been checked by a pattern checker and a proof reader thoroughly.

Checking the patterns is the hardest of all the process. I always try my best not to trouble my editor but my original patterns do contains errors. With the help of the pattern checker, we correct any errors in the patterns and reword some of the instructions if necessary.

When we are done with writing, then, the draft is sent to the art designer.

He has done art work on my previous books and I loved what he did for them. I was really looking forward how he would add art work on this new book.

I knew he would not disappoint me and I was right.

He has added cute and quirky drawings and nice backgrounds. I heard some of the drawings are done by him. He is very talented.

Screenshot 2015-07-06 19.24.06

And the cover page. It is always very exciting to see the cover page.

Mini Knitted Toys_COVER

Yes! Isn’t it cute? My son said this one is his favorite of all three books of mine.


This book has many many patterns. It will keep you busy for many days.

I have heard it is the few Search Press titles selected by Waterstones to be made available for pre-order on their website. Customers will get a discount. I will post the link once it goes on live.

The book is scheduled to be out in December. It is a Christmas present for myself.

12 responses to “Almost there!

  1. Indeed, this looks interesting! I’m also kind of thinking of learning knitting sometime…

  2. Amyxmoo says:

    It looks so so cute! I’d love to make a book of patterns one day but I’m not in any way ready for that yet. I love the little castle! If I ever stray away from my hooks and replace them with needles I’ll give it a try. Your designs are just adorable!

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! You can create so much with just a bit of yarn and needles. It is amazing isn’t it? I am pleased that you liked my designs.

      • Amyxmoo says:

        I do love how versatile working with yarn is. You can make whatever your imagination can dream of! It does make it hard to figure out what to make sometimes though! 🙂

  3. cwedler says:

    Congrats to you!!!!! I’ll have to look for it come December. dw

  4. Pam says:

    It looks such a lovely book. That can definitely be my Christmas present!

  5. Congratulations! I am always in awe of your talent and creativity – you deserve to have both celebrated!

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