knits by sachi

Knitted animal accessories

on June 30, 2015

Knit Now magazine kindly posted photos with nice comments on Tweeter and Facebook.


In this new issue, you will see these of my design.


These animals have button holes in the front legs and buttons in the back legs. They can be connected with one another. You can attach one on a bag or a baggy handle.

animal acc

Or on a baby’s wrist.

I have been making many many knitted toys, but I realised that haven’t designed baby toys much. I should make more.

In the past, I did try these ones.

And these.

You often see these baby rattles made of wood. I think I can attach bells to make them more interesting.

I thought of knitting them, because I remember my sons use to bang their heads with wooden rattles and cry. These are soft and squeezy and feel very nice.

When my first son was born, my mum gave me the rattle that I used as a baby. She also gave me the personal child record. She had them all these years. Both my children used the rattle and hopefully, it will be passed on to their children.


I weighed 3940g (8.68 Ibs) when I was born! A big baby!

Some things are absolutely priceless.

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