knits by sachi

Knitted June Bride

on June 5, 2015

I am trying to knit one seasonal set per month and for June, I chose the wedding theme.

Yes, June for “June Bride”.

I wondered where the tradition of “June brides” came from so that I did a quick research. It seems that the tradition dates back all the way to the Roman times when they celebrated the festival of the deity Juno and his wife Jupiter, who was the goddess of marriage and childbirth, on the first day of June.

England has the perfect weather for wedding in summer. I can understand why June bride is popular. In Japan, June is the rainy season and it rains literally every day. Japan is an Asian country after all. There is the rainy season followed by a very hot and humid summer with lots of mosquitoes. Not very nice.

So, June used to be the least popular month for weddings in Japan, but not anymore. Some people in the wedding industry were very clever and introduced this June Bride tradition. Marrying in June is very lucky, they said, and now, all wedding venues are fully booked in June.

Japanese wedding customs fall into two categories: traditional Shinto ceremonies held in shrines, and modern Western-style weddings. You could have a Buddhist wedding, but it is much less popular. Japanese tend to celebrate happy moments in shrines and mourn deaths in temples.

I do not think Japanese are superstitious, but they still consult the Japanese calendar, ‘Rokuyo’, when they plan important events. There are lucky days and unlucky days in the Japanese calendar.

It is a little strange to avoid having a western style church wedding on a Butsumetsu, unlucky day because it is the day Buddha died. But people still avoid unlucky days in the calendar.

I truly enjoyed making this knitted wedding set.
Usually, I make the main characters first. In this case, bride and groom.


Then, I added children.



I always thought kids in wedding ceremony look so sweet. I think I wanted to create this set just to enjoy making these little ones with flowers.

I have older ones in the back. They are going to hold the bride’s veil.


Here is the full cast.


It is sunny and warm today. I am sure many will enjoy happy celebrations this weekend.

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