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Happy Children’s Day

on May 5, 2015

I made this room ornament for Children’s Day some years ago. It is a Japanese warrior helmet made with Washi paper. Very thin sponge is wrapped with paper to give a 3-D effect.


“Golden Week”? Every time I hear this Japanese-made English, I feel a bit of embarrassment. It is a Japanese term applied to the period containing the following public holidays:

April 29
Showa Day
Originally it was the birthday of the previous Showa Emperor and was a national holiday. We kept it after his death, giving it a different name. We simply did not want to let a holiday disappear from our calendar.

May 3
Constitution Memorial Day
May 4

Greenery Day
I guess we like giving a holiday a name, we just don’t go by “bank holiday”.

May 5
Children’s Day

Many Japanese nationals take paid time off during this holiday, and some companies are closed down completely and give their employees time off. Golden Week is the longest vacation period of the year for many Japanese jobs.

It is warm and sunny around this time of year, and you get one week off. It is certainly a “golden” week.

As a child, I loved the Children’s Day the most. We display Japanese warrior dolls and we get to have treats. My favorite was Kashiwa mochi, a rice cake steamed with sweet beans and wrapped in an oak leaf. Another traditional food is chimaki, which is rice wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Here is a photo of my boys celebrating the day when they were little. On the top corner, you see the warrior’s helmet. The tradition is passed on.

Last year, I knitted a Koi carp for the occasion. Carp is the simbol of courrage and strength and is one of the very well favoured item for Children’s Day.

I made a little change this year.

I like this boy gnome series. You have seen him with a knitted frog in a previous post. This time, he is riding a Koi carp.


He is a little brave one. Happy Children’s Day!

One response to “Happy Children’s Day

  1. aromadry says:

    so tiny and cute!!!!

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