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Knit Now Issue47

on April 30, 2015

This came out in shops today; Knit Now issue 47.


I was looking forward to see this issue. It has my Nautilus toys, some of my favorite designs. You will see my sailor bunny with his friend penguin. And a seagull on top of a lifesaving ring.


Nice bring-to-holiday projects, yes?

I designed them for the magazine. Usually, when they send us call for submissions, they give us certain themes and this time, it was the Nautilus style. It is quite fun to take the challenge of creating something to meet their requests.

The first item I made was the bunny. I really like the sailor outfits and I wanted to include it somehow. The bunny on his own looked a bit lonely so that I decided to make him a friend. I have knitted many penguins in different styles, but I like this tiny one with quirky look. It may work as a dangler charm as well.

The knitting part is easy as always. To shape the foot of the bunny, after it is sewn and stuffed, insert a threaded needle from the base centre of a foot and take the needle out from the top of the foot (over the decreasing row) and repeat. Pull the thread. If you would like to keep the feet closer together, you can stitch them together after shaping each foot. I like to keep knitting simple and shape with stitches afterwards rather than try to be too clever and complicate patterns.

And next, I made a seagull.


I grew up in south west of Japan, very close to a beach. We have seagulls in Asia but the kind we have the most over there is a little different from what we see in the UK. It is called “black-tailed gull”, Umi Neko in Japanese. Literally the name means ‘sea cat’. Why? Because it meows. I am not joking, it has cat-like call.

When I was little, I thought Umi Neko was a cat.

Assembling methods for both projects are quite simple, but I made tutorials here for your reference.

For the knitters who cannot get the magazine, I have included the seagull project into the book due out next year. I will also try to publish the bunny pattern when the magazine contract expires.

I hope you will enjoy them.

One response to “Knit Now Issue47

  1. aromadry says:

    Thanks for the tutorials, are great!!!

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