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Art and personalities

on April 22, 2015

Last year, my older son took his GCSEs and this year, his little brother is sitting for exams.

It is interesting that my sons’ personalities are very different although they came from the same parents and raised in the same environment. When they create something, the differences are quite apparent.

A few years ago, they were told to make a cushion cover in textile class. Boys have to know how to sew and cook of course.

My older son is a high achiever and a perfectionist. He tries very hard in all his subjects and has been doing very well in his grades. He made this one.

The front is made with a fabric with simple design.

It is compulsory to make the other side with a patchwork. His fabric pieces are carefully arranged and stitched together very carefully.
He got an A on this.

On the other hand, his brother went for a bit more wild in style.
I see the Japanese national bird, a crane in front of the Yin and Yang design.

And the other side is made with colourful pieces.
He got a B on this.

Ok, I see his stitches are not so perfect. But I love his fun design. It is more avant-garde and I like that boldness.

For the art GCSE exam, students are told to produce a painting in three days. They spend 8 hours in the art room each day. “Ready, steady, paint!” (and they miss all the other classes during the course)

The students have had learned still life, pop art and portraiture. They can pick any topic they like.

My older son likes portraiture. He have had made plans for his final piece, practiced and even timed the procedures so that he was confident he could finish it in time.
Three self-portraits. A delicate and a little troubled teenage boy, perhaps? It is carefully done with fine black lines showing different angles of his face. The paintings are added interesting effects, and I think they are very well done.

And his brother? He couldn’t be bothered less. He took a photo with his mobile phone on the day and just painted. He moaned and groaned about the exam being so boring but he managed to produce this.


Maybe because I am his mum, but I absolutely love this painting. I think he did very well. He painted a tin of curry powder produced in Japan.
It is a bit Andy Warhol, it is hip with Japanese writing on it.

My mum used to say that she did not like her children’s (me and my brother, that is) art work graded. “They are all A stars for me!” she said.

Now I can relate to that very much.

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