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Feeling Nautilus

on April 17, 2015

In the next issue of Knit Now magazine, you will find two designs of mine.

One of them is this:Seagull and a lifesaving ring.


I am quite fond of this project. You can hang it on a door or a wall. It may not be much of a toy and is more like a room decoration, but I would like to create something like this a lot more, something cute and stylish for your home. I think adding the gold bell worked nicely. This project measures about 12 cm long + the string and is not too small or fiddly.

Another design is this one: Sailor bunny and penguin


I love the sailor outfit. Although it is the Navy uniform, it looks sweet and somewhat feminine. In fact, it is favoured as a secondary school uniform for girls in Japan.


My secondary school’s uniform was the sailor outfit like these with navy blue ribbon. I was so so excited and happy to wear it on the first day school.
I didn’t know where the design originally came from so that when I saw the Navy sailors wearing these on television, I thought it was very odd.

For the Sea life book due out next year, I decided to squeeze in this set; my favorite sailor and a seagull.
So, this one is not be in the magazine, but will be included in the book. I just had to make a sailor.


This seagull is tiny. I knitted it with 4-ply.


I am making tutorials for the magazine projects which will be shared in a post next week. I hope many will enjoy them this summer.

4 responses to “Feeling Nautilus

  1. aromadry says:

    Please let me know if the dolls stand alone on its two legs, because mine does not.
    What I like most are the tiny dolls. Thanks!!!

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