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Gnome inspiration

on April 11, 2015

I have been enjoying knitting my own little fantasy world lately. I have put aside the issue of proportion to some degree and creating whatever comes to my mind. The very first project was the one above; gnome and their toadstool house.

This house is much bigger than the one I made for the woodland book. I am making gnomes with seasons’ themes and this one is for spring.

I love making gnomes and I know I am not the only one who enjoy making little people.

I have a fantastic book on gnomes and I have gotten lots of inspirations form it. It is “Gnomes and Gardens” written by Nigel Suckling and illustrated by Wayne Anderson.

I bought this book at National Trust bookshop many years ago. I still enjoy looking at pictures time to time.

The illustrations are amazing and the writing is very interesting. The book discusses their origins, occupations and hobbies, their homes, gardens, and their technology. It even has recipes enjoyed by gnomes.




Some may think it is downright silly, but I absolutely love this book. I am a great fan of the illustrator. He has done lots of fantasy drawings and his work is utterly amazing.


I love his sense of humour. His gnomes are all so quirky, very charming and full of characters.

And here is one of my favorite. He has cleverly drawn a safety pin at the tip of the fishing line. There is our ecological footprint here and you can see its impact on environment. I feel a pang of guilt whenever I look at this picture.


I knitted my gnome inspired by his drawing.

Mine is a young boy gnome and has no beard. I wanted to create an adventurous little one.

I am not too good at knitting frogs. I have had many trials and errors, more errors than successes, but I think I did all right with this one.


I would love to do a book on gnomes someday. There are lots of folktales universally. We have some gnome tales in Japan, too. Maybe I should do a research on gnomes and write some stories alongside the knitting patterns.


This frog turn out a little too fat. See, I am not too good at making frogs…..


18 responses to “Gnome inspiration

  1. They’re adorable! And I love that frog- I need to start thinking about knitting onje for a friend who’s moving house (to a new pad!)

  2. Julie Henn says:

    I love all the frogs that you’ve knitted! Your gnomes are adorable! Your creations are so magical, I love them!

  3. aromadry says:

    lovely, thanks!!

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you! I will try to publish the pattern somehow in the future.

      • aromadry says:

        Please, I need the pattern for basic doll, There are some on etsy?? We can not buy anything online without going through Customs and pay taxes. (in Argentina)
        Just only PDF file, because I don´t have Kindle for buying at Amazon.

  4. lucyannluna says:

    Fantastic, love the gnomes

    • knitsbysachi says:

      I enjoy knitting a fantasy world. You are allowed to do anything!

      • lucyannluna says:

        Personally fairies are my favourite, my garden is full of them tucked away, with the odd gnome. I now live in my granny’s house, I painted her a gnome fishing bird bath as a teenager, I still have it, lucky its mellowed in colour. I love your little knitted guys & beasties, just wish I had time for more of that sort of thing.

  5. ealserb says:

    I think the lilypad is adorable! And in my opinion, your frogs are really cute 🙂 but if you’re still unsure, it’s okay because practice makes perfect! ^_^ just keep trying~ I, too, hope that you can one day make a book about gnomes 🙂

  6. I always enjoying reading your posts and seeing your new creations! Adore the details in the gnomes little wheelbarrow.

  7. So cute – Can you find the illustrator online and show him your creations? – I’m sure he’d be so flattered.

  8. savitri says:

    Pleas do make a book with gnomes! :)So lovely! I would buy it in a heartbeat!
    Love your work!
    Savitri (holland)

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