knits by sachi

Easter knits!

on March 28, 2015


I thought we just had a half-term, but Easter holiday is already here. It is hard to believe four months have already gone since the New Year.

I believe Easter holiday is everyone’s favorite. The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up. We have so much to look forward to. A few months ago, warm, sunny and dry weather was unthinkable, but spring always comes around.

This is what I made for this year’s Easter. I made lots of children enjoying egg hunt.

Like this.

We all love egg hunt. Never mind your age, I would be very happy to search for chocolate eggs!

In this set, I have children in three sizes; these older ones (8cm tall),


a little younger ones (7cm tall or so),


and tiny one you have seen in the first photo. I added a little rabbit, too (about 3cm).

Every Easter, I think of the egg hunt my younger son went when he was just about 5 years old. He gave the only chocolate egg he managed to find to a crying boy. He is 16 now and could be rebellious sometimes, but I know he has a kind heart. I am very proud of him.

I hope we will have fine weather for egg hunts this year.

3 responses to “Easter knits!

  1. aromadry says:

    HERMOSO, hermoso, hermoso,

  2. Irma plate says:

    sooo cute I wish you had patterns for your little people

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