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Challenging group shots

on March 21, 2015

It is always so exciting to receive a draft with the photos arranged in place.


It is still at the early stage and no art work is added by the designer. The editor has just placed the photos from the session. But the book is already looking great.

A little worry we had for the last day of the photo shoot is the group shots.

We enjoy group shots, well, usually we do. We choose a background and place items pretty much at random at first. We consider the colours and the spaces as we take a few shots and see the balance of the items in the picture. We take the photos of the entire scene and take a few close-up shots.


The group shots for the last two books were rather easy. We could make a fun scene and all elements worked very nicely. But we realized that our photos were not working too well this time. I guess that instead of complimenting each other, the items fought against each other. When we see the Snow White next to a dinosaur, our brain start sending warning signals.

After some trials and errors, we manage to come up with a few nice shots. These photos are scattered in different parts of the book.


I think they look lovely.

I have promised that there are lots of projects in this book.

Now the patterns are getting checked by a professional pattern checker. We will be working on the text to make sure there will no errors. Then, the art designer will add some art work.

It is a lot of hard work, but is very very rewarding.

4 responses to “Challenging group shots

  1. That snowman is so gosh darn cute!!! He looks a little bit lost with his eyebrows all the way up there, but he’s so cute!!!

  2. Gina Ash says:

    Can’t wait for the next book to be issued, at least my Christmas list won’t be empty.

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