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More from the photo session

on March 14, 2015

On Day 2, we did lots more style shots.


We wanted to create a warm, homey, children’s room atmosphere for this book. Maybe a little retro or country style thrown in for some of the pages.

The studio has many props stocked in the storage room and I had brought in some objects. I had some old toys that my boys used to play with.

Here, we used my boys’ toy cars in the background.


They are very well used and some of the paint had peeled off, but I think that make them look even better. They have sentimental value to me with my boys’ name written underneath. I am very pleased my designer decided to photograph them.

The last style shot was this one: animal finger puppets. We had a lovely volunteer from the office.


Our star model, Lyn.

She works as a sales rep for the Search Press, but has also modeled for many of their books. She has very nice skin tone and pretty hands. She is wearing the chef’s coat so that her clothing colour will not reflect to the toys she is holding.

These finger puppets’ pattern will be in the book.

The basic figure is quite simple and the body and head is knitted in one. You can enjoy variety by adding different ears.

We had a lot of fun in the studio again.


Our designer, Juan, is testing the position, looking slightly embarrassed.

2 responses to “More from the photo session

  1. Awesome work! It looks like a lot of fun, but I imagine it must be very hard work

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