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Photo session, day 1

on March 7, 2015


(Paul, our photographer is working on flat shots of Mammoth and cave people.)

It has been intense but fantastic three days in the Search Press studio last week.

On the Day 1, we did the step-by-step photos using the Snow White. I sat in front of the white screen wearing a chef’s coat so that my clothing colour will not reflect on my hands. My knitting patterns are all so simple and assembling isn’t too complicated either, but I like to include photos to show the assembling steps. Maybe that is because I do not like reading long instructions. Visual images are much more easy to take in and can prevent unwanted mistakes.

Then we worked on flat shots. Flat shots are photos with plain white background to show the details of the items. This is to show readers how each toy looks like when it is done.

It is a little daunting for me. With a plain white background and under the bright lights, you can see every stitch of the knitting. I hope my toys will appear as neat as I hope them to be.

We spent most of the first day shooting step-by-step pages and flat shots. We have so many projects in this book. Just morning alone, we did over 100 shots.

Then the real fun starts with the help of the designer. We did styled shots.

I had brought in many pieces of hand dyed fabric, and the art team had have carefully made plans for each scene which tremendously helped the session go smoothly.



For this book, we attached a string to many items and hang from the stick to make them look like flying in the air.
Here is a flying saucer with aliens.


We worked hard all day and came up with cute pictures. I am pleased.


This is my favorite chubby parrot. He is in the book, too.

2 responses to “Photo session, day 1

  1. Wow. That all looks very technical and rather scary! Well done 🙂

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