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The next book

on March 1, 2015


The photo session for my third book, “Mini knitted toys” is scheduled next week.

How exciting! This book will have more than 35 projects. It is an extended, deluxe version.

The thing is, I had brought too many items at the editorial meeting. Editors picked what they liked for the book, only realizing later that we had too many. We ran out of pages so that we decided to add more pages rather than dropping projects.

Problem solved!

We tried to squeeze in as many projects as possible.

After some discussions, we finally decided the last project to include in, and this is the one we chose.

Snow White and seven dwarf.


I found that I have created quite a lot of boy toys as dinosaurs, airplanes, castle and soldiers so that I wanted to add something a bit more girly.

And this project is perfect for step-by-step page. I can include all the making up techniques with assembly steps of Snow White.

This set comes with a cottage.

Usually, I place a light weight cardboard box inside a knitted cottage to keep its shape, but this time, I stuffed with wool. I thought since this book is a collection of toys, I should make it softer and rounder to make it child friendly.

Because the toys are in different sizes and styles, it is challenging for art designer and photographer, but I know I am in good hands. They always do great job.

I had a meeting with the designer last week. He seemed as excited as I am. He has lots of ideas for the themes. I had hand dyed many pieces of fabric to use for the background, too.

So finally, you will get the pattern for these guys.

10 responses to “The next book

  1. The dwarves remind me of those little ‘bean’ people who always stay upright when pushed! Very cute work, well done! 🙂

  2. aromadry says:

    Wanderfull, I am so happy for you. Congratulations.
    Fantástico, estoy muy contenta por vos, Felicitaciones.

  3. aromadry says:

    what a pity I am so far away, so it helped you

  4. I adore your work – congratulations on your second book x

  5. I LOVE your books, both of which I dip into regularly. The gnomes have taken over and I have made numerous and asked for donations to Munlochy Animal Aid… Please please pleasse tell me when your next book is in print, and I shall have to fight to obtain of the first copies

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