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Little knitted dangler charms

on February 15, 2015

I hope many had a nice Valentine’s Day. It is nice to tell your loved one how much you care. We don’t say the word often enough.

Since I made the little heart’s pattern, (see the post “Valentine Hearts” I think I am addicted to making little knitted dangler charms.

I tried with mushrooms first. These are knitted with DK yarn, but if you have my “Mini Knitted Woodland” book, you can use the toadstool pattern from the book. To make it small, you may want to use 4-ply yarn instead of DK.


I now find that 4-ply yarn is perfect for these tiny projects.

I use Double Knit yarn (8-ply) for most of my toy projects because it gives the knitted toys firmness without getting too bulky. 4-ply is a bit too delicate and my animals from the Mini knitted series will not stand up too well. I guess you would need super fine needles to knit bodies, too.

But I do have some 4-ply stash and I always wanted make a use of it. I tried the medium sized heart from my pattern and I think it worked well. I made a dangler, adding a tiny bell on the string.


And I quite like using 4-ply now.

These are super quick projects. You can make one in 15 to 30 minutes.

This is one of my favorite; my quirky chick.


It is so simple, and I can hardly call it a pattern, but here is how I made it.

You will need

* Small amounts of 4-ply soft yellow, yellow, dark brown yarn
* Stuffing
* A bell
* a string


A pair of 2.5mm-2.75mm (US 1-2) knitting needles
A sewing needle with a large eye



With soft yellow, cast on 15 sts and st/st 10 rows, starting with p row.
Break yarn, draw through sts, pull tightly and fasten off. .

With darker yellow, cast on 5 sts. Cast off.

To make up
Sew the body, using the fasten-off end yarn. Work a gathering thread along the cast-on edge. Stuff the body.
To flatten the base, pierce from the centre of the head, with a threaded needle, leaving the yarn end out and take it out from the centre of the base and repeat. Pull gently to shape. Using the same yarn, make a few back stitches on the head, leaving small loops every other stitch. Cut the loops and fluff the yarn. Attach the beak. With dark brown yarn, French knot the eyes. Thread the bell and attach the string to the chick.

The trickiest part of this project is threading the tiny bell! I wet the tip of the string with liquid glue and harden the tip and thread the bell. That works well. If you know the better way, please use it.

I am making lots of different designs. I can’t stop!

I will be sharing more patterns of these tiny items if you would like. You can also make pins and enjoy with your knitted garments and hats.

4 responses to “Little knitted dangler charms

  1. aromadry says:


  2. ealserb says:

    These are soooo cute!! I wish I could knit as well as I crochet 🙂 I can knit, but not very well and not very tightly… and definitely not in the round… YET! 🙂 I do have a set of dpns but so far I find it very fiddly to start with something like 3 stitches and increase from there to make a closed body for tiny knitted toys. I very much prefer knitting flat. Thanks for your pattern, it’s really adorable! ♡

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Knitting in rounds is difficult for anyone, and I do not like it myself. I started knitting in my 30’s. I am no born knitter at all. But isn’t it fun to create something? I love craft.

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