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Book review

on February 10, 2015

The book review of “Mini knitted woodland” is in this issue of Knit Today. (Oh, the deer on the cover is not my design, by the way..)
Screenshot 2015-02-07 19.06.24.png2

There were a couple of exciting events last week.

One of them is the Facebook promotion run by my publisher. They are offering three signed copies (yes, I signed them) as the competition prize. You simply ‘like’ and ‘share’. You may win one of the copies.

So, please enter.
The post has been attracting many people and there are lots of entries. I am very pleased.

I also received an e-mail regarding a book review by “Knit Today” magazine.
I often get commissions from “Knit Now” magazine and I have also had an interview by “Let’s Knit” magazine in the past, but this is my first time appearance in “Knit Today”.

Well, as an author.

I have once appeared in the letter from the reader section as an amateur knitter. I still remember the excitement when I saw my photos printed! I showed the article to all my friends. I also sent a copy to my mum in Japan.

I still have the issue, of course. It must be about 5 years ago when no one, including myself, even dreamed of me writing knitting pattern books.


This time, the review of my book is in the magazine. Life is full of surprises.
Screenshot 2015-02-08 19.14.23

It is a very nice review. The article calls me ” a big name in little knits”! I am very flattered.
What I like about the review is that it says the book is for everyone, both adults and children to enjoy. This is exactly what I wanted this book to be. I wanted to create a book which knitters and non-knitters can equally enjoy.

So what is next?

I will be working on my third book soon. The photo session is booked next month and I can hardly wait.
Some people ask me which is my favorite book. I have decided to answer just like Charlie Chaplin and say “the next one!”

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