knits by sachi

Snow is here

on January 16, 2015


Some parts of England are experiencing snowy weather.

We moan and groan when snow arrives. Snow causes nothing but troubles. It isn’t much fun to be grown-ups. We don’t know how to enjoy the snow.

But here is the knitted winter set to cheer you up a little.

A big snowman. I wanted to make relatively big one this time, he is about 10cm tall, 6cm in base diameter.

Kids playing with a sledge

I have added a little dog, too.

And the full cast. Children are 7-8cm tall. I used Rowan fine tweed again to knit their outfits.


I heard on the BBC news that “more bad weather is on its way”. I thought TV news should not be opinionated.

Who decided that the rain and snow is “bad”?

8 responses to “Snow is here

  1. I love that dog! And I think snow and rain is bad weather because it shuts of so much of the infrastructure 😛

  2. I completely agree – there’s nothing bad about rain! 😀

  3. Pam says:

    I love the snowman. I always show your blog posts about Japanese things to my daughter as she is a big fan of all thing Japanese, especially Manga and Anime. On a very random note she got a Vocaloid CD-Rom for Christmas but the instructions are (of course) in Japanese. Do you know of any Japanese translators? Like I said. A bit random!

  4. aromadry says:

    When I’m sad, I look your tiny dolls and reached calm.
    Cuando estoy triste miro tus muñequitos y me calmo.
    I love your work.

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