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Our fantastic holidays

on January 13, 2015

Two week school break is finally over and kids are back in school last Monday.

We had a very relaxed holidays. Since our relatives are all back home in Japan, we don’t do much celebrations, but we enjoy quiet time within ourselves.

We like it that way.

My younger son, who is a keen racing driver had received a plastic scale model kit of F1 car (like Airfix in UK) from his grand father in Tokyo and was busy building it for 2 and a half weeks.

He used to print out the pattern of a miniature car on a light weight card. You can enjoy paper craft like this, getting free patterns online.


My son had requested a model kit for Christmas. Neither of my children have been too interested in computer games or techno gadgets. I like them to be involved in some kind of craft for their free time. Creating something using your hands is rewarding and quite often therapeutic.

Here is the model he made. He is very pleased with it.

Meanwhile, my older son was busy finishing up his art homework.

As always.

But he also enjoyed drawing the subjects of his choice. These are not photos and done in ink from scratch.

Photo 17-12-2014 10 23 26Photo 12-12-2014 21 22 45

He just keeps on drawing.

One response to “Our fantastic holidays

  1. Wow, what a wonderful pair of children you have! So many kids these days just want the latest video game, and here your two are creating wonderful things 🙂

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